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When choosing to move a cargo by road:

* Flexible service. Big advantage when going by road, as it will enable you to keep it flexible, change or adjust the timings, routes and delivery places. Door to door service is available only by road. So convenient!

* Quick send. Compared to railways or water transport which are slower due to booking, road transport is faster and can make a cargo to leave immediately the production area, the logistic terminal or warehouse without losing precious time.

*Less cost. Motor transport costs are less because of the savings in intermediate loading and unloading charges and less packing costs (some cases, less packing or no packing at all). Costs for operating by road is cheaper, as a small fee is paid to the government which constructs, operates and maintains the roads, while operating by railways or air transport is much expensive as requires more logistic and manpower to support it.

*Less risk to damage the goods while in transit. Because there is no intermediate loading, unloading or handling, the risk of damage the goods is minor, hence why the motor transport is more preferable for transporting fragile cargo like glassware and chinaware.

*Coverage area. Any rural area, small town or village can be reachable while using the road transport to move goods between places where there is no rail, water or airports.

*Link to other modes of transport. Moving a cargo involves a road transport at some point. To reach a port or an airport, a road transport will be used.

Domestic Transport

  • General goods
  • Controlled temperature goods
  • Containers
  • Small cargo, one or more pallets. Through our partners.

International Transport

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